Fern growing in a crack
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The most beautiful stories start with wreckage. — Jack London

I came across the above quote while scrolling through my Twitter feed (thank you, Jon Winokur) and the truth of it struck me deeply.

Stories don’t begin until something goes horribly wrong.  This applies not only to stories on paper, but also the stories of our lives.  No one wants things to go wrong in our lives.  The epitome of a healthy life is one that runs smoothly, correct?  However, the greatest growth seems to happen in the midst of adversity.

We cannot get anything done, we cannot achieve anything, unless we do it in the midst of ‘wreckage’.  When we are comfortable and content, we do not wish to change anything.  However, growth only happens in the middle of change.

I’m not saying we should go looking for strife and pain.  That’s the worst sort of masochism.  However, when strife and pain come our way, when our life turns into a pile of wreckage, we shouldn’t despair.  Rather, we should see it as an opportunity for the beginning of a new story.

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