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Instead of doing a “Wednesday Words”, I decided to break monotony (because it was starting to feel monotonous) and update y’all on my current goings-on. There have been some fun and exciting developments.

Clara’s Return

I don't alwaysMy current WIP, Clara’s Return, is the sequel to my debut novel. It picks up about four months after the end of Clara and follows Clara’s discovery of her origins. I also return to Emmerich and follow his struggle to be a good king in a Palace where not many trust in his competence. And there’s a traitor running loose.

On Monday, I finished another round of edits. I belong to this lovely chapter of the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop and the members have been really great in their comments. Things they’ve pointed out have certainly helped me in fleshing some things out or clarifying action.

I’m still set to send CR to Sherman Writing Services in the beginning of November, which was my original deadline. I don’t always keep my deadlines, but when I do, it’s awesome.

CR is tentatively scheduled to be released in May 2016.

The Bookwyrm Series

Helen’s adventure wrapped up on 20 September in what I hope was a satisfying way. I had intended for the series to carry on longer but other factors kept that from happening. Like my subconscious (the bitch).

However, I am considering writing a full-length novel about Helen. What do you guys think? Do you want to read a novel about Helen Devereaux?


So far, no one has entered in the contest to win all three parts of The Bookwyrm Series. I’m thinking about discontinuing the contest because of lack of interest. However, I have one more week to go and someone might surprise me.

For now, the contest will continue but this will have a bearing on whether or not I’ll have any contests in the future. Maybe as only part of big book promotions. I don’t know.

Swamp Owl Services

SOS_logoLargeI’ve recently started offering writing services to indie authors. I’m calling it Swamp Owl Services because I’m from the swamps of South Carolina and I like owls. Owls are cool. They are also good at spotting things and I like to think I’m good at spotting problems in stories.

Swamp Owl Services offers editing, beta reading, and formatting for e-books. With two novels and a short fiction series out, I feel that I have plenty of experience in formatting e-books. Also, I’ve been beta reading for years, so I know I can do that. I also have done editing before.

Tell your friends! If you mention this blog post when contacting me about services, I’ll give you a 10% discount. And a virtual hug.

How about you guys? I hardly ever hear from my readers. Who are you and how are you doing?

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