What Moving Taught Me

There are not words to describe how much I hate moving. I developed my abhorrence in college because, before I moved into an on campus apartment, I was packing up, transporting, and unpacking up to three times a year.

Three. Times. Yearly. For three years. That meant I moved nine times.

despise moving.

However, that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from the experience.

First Lesson: Live Simply


Oh, you like to collect sea shells and rocks and tea pots? Well, guess what? Eventually, you’ll have to pack up those collections and worry the whole darn time about something breaking. Every time I look at a tea pot I want now, I just think, “One day, I’m going to wrap that in three layers of bubble wrap and make sacrifices to the moving gods in the hope that it doesn’t crack or break in transit.”

And the fear of something breaking isn’t even the beginning. I packed so many boxes, I almost developed a phobia. I packed so many boxes, my food started to taste like cardboard. I packed so many boxes, I began to despise the color brown.

And there was always more to pack.

We have a phrase for never ending, futile toil: packing sand down a rat hole. (No matter how much sand you pack, the rat will continue digging its way out.)

In short, my oft-repeated phrase these past weeks has been, “Why do I own so much crap?”

Live simply. It means less to pack and worry about.

Second Lesson: Have a Sense of Humor


It’s easier to handle stress if you can laugh about it. On moving day, I was as nervous as a black cat on Halloween. Not everything was packed and I worried about items being damaged.

As we got things into our new home and I began unpacking some of the fragile tea pots and china, my husband walked in with a box. I said, “I think we managed to move it all without mishap.”

“Pretty much,” he agreed. “Too bad about that one china dish.”


He was joking. He knew how worried I was and had tried to joke about it to relieve the tension. I punched him and called him a nasty name. If I had laughed, I think I would have relaxed.

So, develop a sense of humor. It means less stress and you won’t punch people.

Third Lesson: Expect the Unexpected

Dont Know til You Try

We worried about losing our cats. Instead, the dogs went missing for three days and three nights.

We were confident that nothing would go majorly wrong with our new home so soon after moving in. Last Thursday, when it stormed, it rained in the sunroom.

We thought we saw the extent of our property. However, after looking closer at the map and talking with a neighbor, we learned that we have more land than we thought we did. (Which is pretty cool.)

Not all unexpected things are bad. But the unexpected can happen. Don’t let it take you off guard.

All Snark Aside…

I do love our new home and I wouldn’t do anything different. I can’t wait to finish painting my new office and for next spring, when I can start gardening in earnest. I’m already considering making a rock garden for this patch of ground where nothing is really growing.

But I still hate moving.

Note: I didn’t make any of the above images.

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