Thunderclap Campaign for Clara’s Return

Thunderclap campaign

Clara’s Return comes out on Friday, May 13, and I am ridiculously excited!

(And I’m sure my fans and followers will be happy to see me talk about something else.)

To help spread the word, I’ve started a Thunderclap campaign.

The Hell is Thunderclap?

It works like an online flash mob. When you agree to support my campaign, Thunderclap will post ONE message through your account (be it Twitter or Facebook) about Clara’s Return.

After that, the service will no longer have access to your account and I will have benefited from the exposure. You will have paid no money at all and have the satisfaction of helping an indie author advertise.

My goal is to have 100 supporters. Unfortunately, as of this writing, I only have two. And there are 16 days left for me to collect sign-ups.

Guys. I need help. I really want Clara’s Return to succeed and the best way is through word of mouth. Thunderclap seems like a wonderful opportunity to spread the word. So, please consider signing up to be my supporter!

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