The Terror of Two Year Olds and Other Stories


If my weekend were to be condensed into a collection of short stories, it would have the above title.

On Saturday, my brother, his fiancee, and their two year old boy came up for a visit/job. Because of the leaks in my sunroom and our lack of funds, my brother volunteered to repair the roof. It would only cost us the materials. And we’d have the added bonus of spending time with my nephew! It was a win-win!

Mostly. It’s also been a learning experience. For example, I learned:

  • The Husband can sleep through a two year old letting loose ear splitting screams in the next room. I’m not sure if it’s Army training or natural talent or if maybe he was faking it.
  • If a child doesn’t fall asleep until past midnight, it’s best to let that child wake up when he darn well wants to.
  • One person’s schedule is another person’s vague suggestion.
  • Everything seems pretty straight forward until a panel in the ceiling comes off AND SUDDENLY IT’S FREAKING VICTORIA FALLS.

At one point in time, I couldn’t wait to get away from my family. But now, even when things go sideways while breaking the sound barrier, having family around is actually pretty awesome. Because who else gets the jokes whose roots come from childhood? I can joke about twisting the names of things slightly to make them sound like something else and people might laugh. However, no one finds it funny like my brother and I do because of something that happened in our childhood regarding cabbage and “kah-baj”.

And, without family over, what other opportunities will I have to see my two year old nephew ogle teenage girls at an ice cream shop? And when am I going to get to teach the proper way to pet a kitten or share the scent of rosemary?

Family doesn’t mean only those related by blood. My brother’s fiancee is a woman we all grew up with. Before they fell in love, I already saw her as a sister. There was none of that “I need to impress my brother’s girl”. There was only that feeling of familial connection.

So, though plenty of things happened this weekend that earned a title of “The Terror of Two Year Olds and Other Stories”, it was still a good weekend.


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