I Survived Hurricane Matthew But Florence is a Mess


Hurricane Matthew
Hurricane Matthew over the East Coast

Those following my social media accounts probably saw the video and hurricane-related photos I posted and that I suddenly stopped posting on my author accounts (I continued to post on my private Facebook). For anyone concerned: I’m sill alive.

Hurricane Matthew Damage

We live about 76 to 78 miles from the coast of South Carolina, so our area suffered a lot of damage. Our power went out on Saturday. When we finally left our home, we found a downed tree pulling down a nearby power line. And our nearest cellular tower decided to not work for a while.

The cellular tower returned to full broadcasting power or whatever. I’m not sure what happened. I just know that, for a while, we struggled to get cell service in our home. We are still currently without power, however.

Florence itself contains an obstacle course of downed power lines and trees. Hurricane Matthew took down oaks that shaded the landscape since before the city was only a collection of buildings beside a railroad. Parts of the city still are without power and a mandatory countywide curfew remains in effect.

We’ve witnessed some strange scenes in Florence. Hurricane Matthew caught people unprepared, apparently, as Christmas-level crowds besiege fast food establishments. There are few things stranger than seeing Burger King with an overflowing parking lot and a line wrapping the building. County and city offices remain closed with no word as to when they’ll open again. Even the freaking library is closed at the moment.

When I left the house to go to my mother-in-law’s for Internet¬†access, we passed some linemen and maintenance workers on a nearby street. Hopefully, power will be restored in our home today.

Our Home

Our home did not suffer much damage. I think we lost a few shingles and a couple of our trees lost limbs. A few of our neighbor’s trees fell but they did not hurt his house. It could have been worse. A friend of mine watched a tree crush a mobile home across the street from her. Luckily, the family wasn’t home.

My hometown of Holly Hill was badly hit with lots of flooding. Hopefully, they are recovering and the water is receding.

Thanks to all of those who worried and sent well wishes. We’ll be fine. It’s just a matter of repair, clean up, and getting back to our normal rhythm.

South Carolina has weathered hurricanes before. This is the first bad one we’ve had in a long time. But at least it wasn’t another Hurricane Hugo.

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