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Suzanna updating her blog?? Impossible!

But it is quite possible and it’s happening. The first thing I want to do is announce my next addition to the Stories of Lorst Series: Calculated Magic. It is a novella set after the events of Secret Burdens and follows one of Bruin’s adventures. I haven’t decided yet how to market this beauty. If you’re a newcomer to the series and haven’t read the first three books, you’re going to be so lost in this novella. It may become a freebie available for my newsletter subscribers.

So, sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already!

There is no cover art for it (yet) and no release date (yet).

My second piece of news is that I have a contest going on! April 18 is my birthday and I’m celebrating by giving away a signed copy of my latest novel, Secret Burdens. Please enter to win. Contest ends April 19.

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The fourth novel in the Stories of Lorst is still being written. The release date for it will most likely be in late summer/autumn of 2020 (God willing and I don’t hide from the enormity of this tome).

Finally, I will be going to Power ComiCon on April 27. Please come by my booth for free stuff, a Niall art print, or just to say hello!

That’s all I got by way of updates, guys. Have a happy April!

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