Stepping Away for a While

It is with sadness that I announce I am stepping away from my novels and writing business for the foreseeable future. It was not an easy decision to make. In fact, it was months in the making.

There are many factors that have gone into my decision. I won’t go into all of them because that will make for a long, drawn-out post that no one will want to read, including me. The two largest ones, though, I will talk about because my readers do deserve some sort of explanation.

Mental/Spiritual Wellbeing

The first reason involves my own spiritual and mental wellbeing. I have gone through a great deal in the last couple of months. I can’t get into detail. The details are strange, complicated, and require lots of backstory.

Suffice it to say that I went into a battlefield. When I came out, I discovered myself to be, in some ways, a different person with a slightly different perspective. But because I was taught to soldier on no matter what, I continued with plans to publish House of the Seer (Stories of Lorst #4) in September.

Then, a series of events occurred over the course of a week that showed how bad of an idea this was. I realized that I am in the desperate need of time. Time to continue the healing process started before, during, and after that battlefield. Time to reassess the changes and reacquaint myself with, well, myself. Time to decide if Stories of Lorst is part of my future or my past. Time to take a long look at my writing and discover the direction God wants me to take.

Yes, I am a Catholic and God has a great deal to do with my daily decisions. Especially big ones.


Secondly, I think I lost sight of my priorities. Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about abortion. Lines on Instagram and other social media sites were drawn. Most people are falling into the pro-abortion or pro-life camps.

I had been trying to stay out of it. I kept telling myself that it really wasn’t part of my author brand. That many people actually didn’t like it when authors weighed in on issues like that. People just want to read good books without worrying about the politics or religious beliefs of the author. And perhaps there is truth and merit to that.

In reality, however, I was just scared of losing readers. I was scared of getting shadow-banned. I was scared of backlash. When I realized that my fear of rejection and persecution outweighed my conviction that life begins at conception, that stopped me cold. I saw that I need to reset my priorities. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve been writing to the wrong audience all along.

Going Forward

So, what does this mean going forward?

There will be no House of the Seer. Clara will not become an audiobook. The last newsletter will go out on May 20.

My Instagram profile, for the time being, will remain online, as will this website. Also, for the time being, my books will remain available for purchase.

One day, I may unpublish my books. One day, I may delete my author Instagram. I don’t know. It depends on what I discover about myself and the path ahead in the coming months.

Funnily enough, I went to a college commencement ceremony the day after I made this decision. The president of the school, Dr. Luther Carter, told the grads they were entering a new chapter in their lives. People were going to try to push them into decisions right away. He encouraged them to resist that and to, instead, spend the summer enjoying this new phase of life. It was okay to take their time and spend the summer reading, especially now that they got to choose their reading material.

I feel like Dr. Carter was talking to me. My plans for this summer are to take my time and to read books. God likes to sneak up on us sometimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if, one fine summer day, I looked up from a good book and suddenly saw a door I hadn’t noticed before standing open, with a new road stretching toward the horizon.


  1. Jenny Cody-Knopp said:

    God bless you, Suzanna. I pray for your happiness!

    May 11, 2022
  2. Deb Hartman said:

    Suzanna. I have a book of yours I have yet to read. Should I read it? Do you still want the reviews? I would love to have a conversation with you. I am not Catholic. I don’t choose to be pro-life or pro-choice. My beliefs are medical only and based on necessity. My concern is that the role men play in conception is never given any recognition. Like so much of what is done, women are still the the low carving on the totem pole. You may have seen my UGLY post on FaceBook and the apology I made for it. Sometimes we speak out in ways we regret. I don’t know what you are going through, but this past year has been very difficult for me. I have a lot of backstory as well. I will be 65 in August. I have lived a lot of life. God has not always been present in my decisions, but I always knew HE was there. I spent two years in Lay Academy learning about religion. I continue to educate myself on my spiritual journey. Currently, I am friends with an author who is Greek Orthodox. I am fascinated with the history of the church, which I am aware involves separation of the Catholic church. I have your email address and I would like to contact you. I think I have life experiences I could offer you in your own journey, whatever it might be. I am very nonjudgmental and deal with mental issues of my own. Lots of therapy and coping skills that I would be happy to help you learn if you need them. I realize this might be long and personal but I am an open book. : )

    May 11, 2022
    • Deb, thank you for your long comment! I appreciate your offer of help but I have spiritual advisors and wonderful people in my life who are guiding me through this time. If you wish to read my book and leave a review, you are welcome to do so! I haven’t made any decision whether or not to keep my books “live”. Everything is still very much in the air. I could return a year from now and pick up from where I started. I did not see your post on Facebook. I am not on Facebook. I’m sorry that you have been hurt and that you have had a difficult year. I think abortion is one of the things that rob men of any recognition of their role in conception. While I understand your views being medical only and based on necessity, mine are based on the fact that from conception, a fetus is a human being and a human life. Their DNA defines them as human. The fact that their cells are multiplying, growing, and developing; the fact that their heart starts beating at 18 weeks; and other medical facts point to them being alive. A single living cell on Mars is called life, after all. If you would like to contact me by email so we can discuss this further, as well as anything else you would like to talk about, please do so!

      May 11, 2022

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