Spring is Coming (Brace Yourself)

Spring Forsythia

Yeah, I totally made a Game of Thrones reference–and I don’t even watch or read Game of Thrones. Such is the power of pop culture. Anyway, spring is encroaching upon the land once more!

I really noticed it when I was out and about yesterday. I spotted a couple of forsythia bushes in full bloom (like the one above). Forsythia is a gorgeous bush that blooms in the late winter/early spring. It’s usually one of the earliest flowers you’ll see, right up there with some varieties of narcissus. I also spotted a Flowering Bradford Pear in bloom. Interesting note about those, my father called them mock apples because their shape and blooms are reminiscent of apple trees. So, I call them mock apples and have to remind myself to use their proper name.

My rose bushes are putting out new leaves. I’ve been lazy and have been putting off going out there to spray for black spot. It’s in my garden in a normal season but this season has started out very wet, so I know I’m going to have it worst this year. I also need to put mulch down but, again, lazy.

My daffodils have come up but, so far, no sign of a bloom. My other early bloomers have had greenery out for some months, ever since we got that weird blast of warm weather in the dead of winter. No sign of a bloom on those, either.

And there is clover everywhere. Not the four-leaf kind. It’s this semi-bushy, purple-flowering weed that infests our backyard because the grass doesn’t like dog waste. I call it clover because I don’t know what else to call it. I actually think it’s kind of pretty–until it shows up in my rose beds.

Spring has also sprouted (you thought I was going to say “sprung”, didn’t you?) in our behaviors. I’m already watching the weather for the best time to go kayaking. And, yesterday, I got an email about Yankee Candle getting in their Easter merchandise, so I scooted over to the mall to pick up a few things.

(Actually, I just meant to get something for the bathroom but…you know how it is.)

There’s a local classic car club, so I’ve been seeing a lot of classic cars being taken out now that the weather is approaching some semblance of nice. And the motorcyclists and bicyclists are out in full force. In the South, the sort of weather normally termed as “spring” (mild temperatures, cool breezes) doesn’t last long. Sure, it’s kind of rainy but oh well. It’s warm and mildly humid! After about a month, two months if we’re lucky, we’ll start getting our summer weather: scorching temps and humidity so high, you could take a bath in the air.

I know that some parts of the country are still buried under feet of snow, so I’ll be sure to raise a mint julep in your honor as I lounge on my bench swing outside. For those who are starting to get a taste of spring: are you doing anything new? What do you like to do when the weather turns nice? Comment box is below!

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