Snow Day!

Snow Day in South Carolina

Last week, ice and snow rolled over the Deep South.  Atlanta ground to a halt, creating scenes reminiscent of The Walking Dead.  In South Carolina, where hurricanes have taught the importance of planning ahead, schools and county businesses closed up shop in anticipation of bad conditions.

We only got two inches.  It really wasn’t that bad.  However, because we don’t salt or sand our roads on a large scale, it really was better that people only went out if they absolutely had to.  Brad and I took the opportunity to take our dogs for a walk.  It really was very beautiful.

Snow Field

Sometimes, I wish we did have feet upon feet of snow, like they do up north.  The world silences and, for a little while, becomes clean and new.  Of course, perhaps that’s only overly romanticized outlook, since I don’t have live in snow for two or three months out of the year.

The first snow I remember came in 1989.  I remember the year because that was also the year Hurricane Hugo hit South Carolina.  People outside of our state probably don’t recognize that name, but Hugo was a huge storm, covering the entire state, and did immense damage.  The storm, a Category 5 (which is as high as the scale goes), did much more than lift boats out of the water and bring them miles inland.  It also altered the weather pattern for that year, so we received snow that winter.

I remember my father driving down the road and laying on the horn to make snow fall from tree limbs.  I was all of four at the time and thought that he was working magic.  It’s one of the few memories I have of my father when I was that age and I treasure it.  Perhaps that is why I love snow so much, because it connects me to that time of innocence and wonder.  I don’t think that will ever change.  I think I will always look forward to snow.

Are there any forms of weather (snow, rain, etc) that you look forward to?  That make you remember happier times?

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