Smashwords and OverDrive Shared a Very Special Hug

I may be a little late on this, but I blame wordpress dying on me.  Yep.  Totally not my fault.  Well.  Maybe a little my fault since it broke when I updated it.  Anyway!

Smashwords and OverDrive Ink recently made a distribution deal.  Now, you may be asking yourself, “What the hell is OverDrive and why do I care?”

OverDrive is a digital library vendor.  In fact, the library I work for is part of OverDrive’s large network of public libraries that uses its services to provide ebooks for its patrons.  Now, we get to the why you should care part.

In order for libraries to get their hands on indie ebooks, they either had to get donated “copies” from the author or go through some other vendor who would charge them by the checkout.  (That means a book could only be checked out so many times before the library had to purchase it again.  This isn’t cheap, considering the price of the ebook.)  Because of this, many indie ebooks have been missing from library digital shelves.

But not any longer.  Thanks to this distribution deal, OverDrive now has access to the over 200,000 authors that publish through Smashwords, including yours truly.  Not only that, but the books are available for unlimited checkout.  In this day of budget cuts and furloughs, saving libraries money is a high priority.

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity!  Library patrons, who would have never gone to Smashwords otherwise, may be reading the books of indie authors.  A whole new avenue has been opened for us and levels the playing field (just a little), giving us the chance to be taken a little more seriously.  It’s an amazing opportunity for our readers and potential readers, because now they have more chances to read titles they might otherwise not have bothered with.

So, from here, the future is surely looking bright for indie authors!

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