Shave the Dog

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase ‘shave a dog’ can mean an extreme hangover.  It means that to drink enough of ‘the hair of the dog that bit you’ to cure yourself of the hangover, you’d have to shave the dog.

No one has been drunk or hungover, but the Husband decided to shave one of our dogs anyway.

Being in the South during the summer is tough on dogs that are half Husky, especially the ones that take after that Husky half.

Scholly with the HusbandScholly’s fur is so thick, especially the ruff around her neck, that if you part it, you can’t see her skin.  Just more fur.  Summers, for her, are spent finding the best way to stay cool and our power bill reflects that.

So, in an attempt to make Scholly more comfortable and to bring power costs down a little, the Husband and I bought a pair of clippers especially made for thick fur.  Yesterday, he settled down to the business of shaving the dog while I watched and provided “helpful” commentary.

It took him half the afternoon and he still had to abandon the clippers to resort to using a pair of scissors to tackle the neck ruff.

Scholly sans top layer of fur

Scholly appears more comfortable, which was the main goal of the venture.  The Husband was exhausted, walking around like a man who had tied one over the night before, so perhaps there’s a bit of truth to the colloquialism.  (The sound of the clippers frightened Scholly, so he had to wrestle not only with her hair but with her.)

He’s supposed to shave Benny today but, somehow, I see him procrastinating on that one.

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