Secret Burdens Out Now

The day has finally arrived. After a lot of crying, swearing, and elation, Secret Burdens has now hit stores. Please don’t forget to get a copy! It’s at a special price, which will be going up in a few weeks.

What Reviewers are Saying

The third book in the Lorst series, Secret Burdens, did not disappoint. Suzanna J. Linton has created a cast of amazing characters that you care and root for. The emotion in her writing is real. You celebrate and mourn along with them. This third book has secrets around every turn and you lose track or whose trust worthy. If you have already started the Stories of Lorst series than this is a must read that you don’t want to miss. — Amanda Lavoie, Once Upon a Book Dream

The author gives us an amazing story of rebirth and growth as complicated as the first book because nothing with Clara would be otherwise. — Teri, Goodreads User

You guys will love this next episode in the lives of Emmerich, Clara, and Jarrett. Plenty of twists and turns. — Dianne Owens, Goodreads User


Jarrett failed everyone close to him.

In disgrace, he resigned his position as Captain of the Royal Guard and entered self-imposed exile in Lorst’s Eastern Forests. As a common soldier, he fought the remainder of the sorcerer Marduk’s monsters.

However, after an assassination attempt leaves her bedridden, Clara summons Jarrett back to the capital city of Bertrand. Over his protests, she appoints him Captain of the Seer’s Guard. Though both her parents and her ability to see the future are restored to her, neither of these things can help her find her would-be killer. There’s also a greater threat on the horizon she must face and she needs someone she can trust.

Jarrett searches for both Clara’s enemies and his sense of honor. However, his investigations threaten to expose secrets that could ruin them all and shake the Lorst to the core.

The electrifying third novel of The Stories of Lorst Series takes the reader from the immaculate halls of the Palace to the dingy streets of the Low Quarters on an epic tale of secrets, betrayals, and lost love.

Available at Amazon and other stores, including Barnes and Noble and iBooks.

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