Second to Last Post of the Year

I can’t speak for other bloggers, but getting so close to the end of the year makes me want to write something profound and thought-provoking about my year.  However, there’s still one more Monday to go before New Year’s, so I suppose I’ll save it until then.

The blog tour is over!  It wasn’t the rip-roaring success that I was hoping for but there have been an increase of visitors around here, as well as to Smashwords.  I hope all these new readers will stick around.  If you missed the tour, here are the links for the various spots:

I Heart Reading

For the Love of Books

The Runaway Pen (guest post!)

Kristy Centeno’s Blog (guest post!)

Dalene’s Book Reviews

Michael Scifan (interview!)

Misinterpreted & Unrepresented: Interview & Book Review

I Heart Reading: Book Review

Also, on Scifan’s site, there’s a different excerpt than what’s featured on the other sites, so please check that out for sure.

What with Christmas so close, this will be my last post until next week.  I hope all of you, whether you celebrate or not, have a safe and fun week.

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