Reading & Laughter at The Clay Pot!

Saturday night was a big night for me. It was my very first “real life” author event. All of my other events have taken place online (blog tours, guest posts, etc.). I read part of my novel and signed copies at The Clay Pot Coffee Shop in my town of Florence, SC.

Reading and Signing at The Clay Pot 1

It was a big night for me for two reasons. One, it was the first time I had ever publicly presented myself as a professional author. People looked at me (wait for it) like I knew what I was doing. I almost wanted to wave my hands and yell: “You have it all wrong! I can’t even remember what my schedule is without Google Calendar and my husband!” But, instead, I fell back onto that old rule of “pretend you know what you’re doing and maybe you will”.

Book Reading and Signing at The Clay Pot 2

It was another big night because my anxiety normally prevents me from doing anything that draws a lot of attention to myself. Of course, now you’re probably asking, “But, Suzanna, you’re a writer. Writing draws a lot of attention to yourself!” Well, it’s different. I don’t have to stand up everyday and present myself to a bunch of strangers in order to get my work read. Not physically, anyway. It’s the beauty of the Internet: even though my name is plastered on everything, I still enjoy a certain level of anonymity. And there’s a comforting barrier that makes it easier for me to voice myself, a barrier that dissolves the moment I step out in front of a crowd.

Book Signing and Reading at The Clay Pot 3

The night only contained a couple of flubbs. The sound system had to be switched on but I figured it out (there was this huge ON/OFF switch). And I got a little tongue tied. But, oh well! Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I think I snagged a few new readers. I’m sure more author events will occur and, as they happen, I’ll let you all know! The best way to keep up with events and news, though, is to subscribe to my newsletter! (The sign up is in the right hand column.)

Book Reading and Signing at The Clay Pot

Here’s hoping I get to meet more of you in the months and years to come! For more photos of the event, click here.


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