Reading Habits of the Fantasy/SciFi Flavors

reading habits

I came across this meme regarding reading habits during one of my strolls through the Internet. It focuses on reading and buying habits. Since we all share a love of books, I thought I would share my answers!

  • What was the last sf/f/h book you finished reading?

I just finished Saint Odd by Dean Koontz but I’m not sure it counts as fantasy or horror. Before that, I read The Martian by Andy Weir, and that is definitely science fiction.

  • What was the last sf/f/h book you did not finish reading and why?

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I couldn’t finish it because if I read one more time about how the main character was so damn smart and so damn perfect and so damn chivalrous, I was going to find Rothfuss and slap him with the book.

  • What was the last sf/f/h book you read that you liked but most people didn’t?

Bone Key by Keith R.A. DeCandido. It’s part of the Supernatural book series, which I read when I was really into that television show. A lot of people didn’t seem to like that one, but I thought it was pretty good. These are tie-in novels, so I never had high expectations.

  • What was the last sf/f/h book you read that you disliked but most people did?

The Name of the Wind. I don’t understand how so many people are in love with that novel.

  • How long do your 1-sitting reading sessions usually last?

Anywhere between an hour to three hours.

  • What are you currently reading?

Right now, I’m torn between starting A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan or picking up one of the indie novels on my Kindle. Decisions, decisions.

  • Do you like it so far?

Not applicable. See above answer.

  • How long ago did you buy the book you are currently reading (or the last book you read)?

For the last book I read…I think I bought it a week or two before I started reading it a few days ago.

  • What was the last physical sf/f/h book you bought?

The Copper Promise by Jen Williams. Only thing is, it hasn’t arrived yet. *pouts*

  • What is the sf/f/h sub-genre you like the most and why?

I love the folklorist urban fantasy, like what Charles de Lint and Terri Windling write. There’s just something so organic about their worlds, probably because the magical creatures are a part of the landscape and not imported from European legends.

  • What is the sf/f/h sub-genre you dislike the most and why?

I’m really starting to hate the current take on the vampire/werewolf stories, particularly the ones geared toward teenagers. Not sure if that counts as a sub-genre but there you go. (Don’t get me started on Twilight. Seriously. DON’T.)

  • What is your favorite electronic reading device?

My Kindle…probably because it’s my only electronic reading device.

  • What was the last sf/f/h eBook you bought?

I tend to download free or low-priced ebooks on a whim, especially if they’re the beginning of a series. The last one I got was The Spook Show by Tim McGregor.

  • Do you read books exclusively in 1 format (physical/electronic)?

I tend to lean more toward physical but I’m pretty flexible.

  • Do you read eBooks exclusively on a single device (eBook reader/ smartphone / tablet)?

My Kindle!

Well, that was interesting. What about you, dear readers? What are some of your answers? Do you have similar reading habits? I look forward to your comments below!

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