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Being a writer means picking up all sorts of information, most of which has no practical application.  However, it can wow at parties (because, really, how many people know anything about the workings of medieval plumbing?).  One of the subjects, though, that absolutely fascinates me is plant folklore.  I’ve included my favorite tidbits below.


According to an old legend, faeries love thyme.  Centuries ago, people would set aside plots of thyme for faeries to live in.


Rosemary is associated with memory.  It’s said that smelling this herb will help you remember.


Supposedly, this plant is good for keeping away evil spirits.


This flower bloomed at the feet of the Virgin Mary as she went to visit her cousin, St. Elizabeth.

What I love about these little bits of lore is that they can help push a story idea along, and it reminds me that we are physical beings.  I live so much in my head that it’s helpful to rub rosemary between my fingers or touch the trunk of a tree, to root myself and to remind me that I shouldn’t be so turned inward that I forget about the beauty outside myself.  Also, knowing snatches of plant lore reminds me that I am a part of this world and that I draw from it, not just in my writing but in my cooking and my worship.

Do you have any favorite bits of folklore, story, or song that enriches your life in some way?


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