Once Upon a Time…

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For many people, some of the fondest memories of childhood involve stories.  I remember my father and his friends gathering together to share tales from years (or days) ago.  Oddly enough, I don’t remember the stories half as well as I remember the laughter: booming and from the belly, it filled the room and made them all seem larger than life.  I’m sure that when people remember reading or hearing stories, it was more than just the story itself, but our emotional reaction.  We remember feeling safe or comforted or touched in some way.  The story either filled us with wonder or fear and that is what we remember most vividly.

For today, write down a memory of being told a story as a child.  Choose some aspect, whether the story itself or how you felt at that moment, and focus on it.  Write for at least a page.  This may come in handy later if you ever need to write about a child’s experience, or it could inspire you into a story.

Happy writing!

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