Of Software and Flowers

I am not the sort of person to go running after the latest bit of tech (unlike my husband).  I don’t trawl the internet, looking for the latest shiny objects, and Best Buy is not the first store I visit in the mall (unlike my husband).  However, every now and again, I stumble across something that makes even me drool a little.

Recently, I completed Camp NaNoWriMo (yay! *throws confetti*) and NaNo always offers these lovely coupons for those who participate.  (That’s how I got my beloved Scrivener program, actually.)  This year, there was a discount for Scrivener, but also one for a program I had never heard of before: Aeon Timeline.

I took one look and downloaded the program.  After trying it out, I can come to only one conclusion: it is God’s gift to writers.


Above is a screenshot of the timeline I started for Willows of Fate.  Instead of creating an Excel spreadsheet, or typing things up in a Word program, or drawing by hand, you can use Aeon to make timelines for you.  And you’re not bound by the Gregorian calender!  There’s a feature to create “fantasy” timelines that are governed by whatever time measurement a writer has created.  Aeon also calculates ages, shows relationships (which is the feature shown above), creates arcs, and does a whole lot of other crap I haven’t discovered yet.

I’m in love.  This will make plotting for novels so easy.  Also, because I’m a very visual person, it will help immensely in helping me to keep track of everything.

Dutch Iris

Yep, it’s that time of year again, where I spray, pull, and swear at bugs.

Irises, roses, and marigolds

To be honest, though, I think my flower garden is coming along nicely this year.  Because of my back, I haven’t been able to weed as much as I would normally like, but the bone meal I’ve been using as fertilizer has led to some fantastic growth.  Also, the black spot is starting to creep in, but I hope to stay on top of that this year.

Panoramic View of Garden

Yeah, I think it’s coming along well this year…  The irises won’t last very long, and the crocuses are already dying back, but the roses and marigolds will keep blooming from now until autumn.

Any projects or lovely surprises come your way, dear readers?

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