National Name Your Poison Day

National Name Your Poison Day

Earlier last week, The Husband informed me that it was “Hug Your Cat” Day. I dutifully went home, found Frankie, and gave him a hug he didn’t altogether appreciate. (I would have hugged my new kitten but how do you hug something so tiny?)

That got me thinking, though, about those weird national days of whatever. And whenever I wonder about something, I turn to Google, which is how I found a website called National Day Calendar. I looked up June and discovered National Name Your Poison Day, which is today (June 8).

Naturally, I thought it was about alcohol, so I was intrigued.

Nope! National Name Your Poison Day is about making choices, either good or bad, large or small. According to this one source, the origin of the day is unknown and it may not be an “official” national day. However, it is one that is publicized. The term “name your poison” comes from bartenders using the phrase to ask you to pick what drink you want. The connotation is bad, as it suggests that there is no good choice.

One site suggests indulging in unhealthy addictions or listening to the band Poison. I don’t suggest such a way to celebrate because some addictions can be pretty darn unhealthy or even dangerous.

This past weekend, I’ve been trying to figure out how to celebrate this day. I mean, I make choices all the time. Everyone does. Do I want Pita Pit or Taco Bell for lunch? Do I want to wake up early on Saturday or sleep in? Do I want to try this new social media website or stick with what I have? Decisions as a new indie author can be especially onerous because I don’t which is the right one. Every day for me is National Name Your Poison Day.

Then I realized I was completely missing the point of the so-called holiday.

Yes, we make decisions all the time but we also avoid decisions. There are some things we don’t want to deal with. That can range from how to deal with an annoying coworker to whether or not you should get a new home. Some decisions are scary because they mean a life change or a confrontation. Some decisions are hard because none of the choices look like the right one. Some decisions are onerous because, no matter the choice, there’s going to be a lot of hard work ahead.

National Name Your Poison Day, to me, is about facing those choices. Sucking up the courage to stop hemming and hawing and make a damn decision.

I did it just this morning. I won’t say what I did as it was very personal. However, it was an issue I’d been avoiding for a while. This morning, I decided to face this problem head on. It was time to quit waffling and make a stand. And, honestly, I feel more relaxed and more able to tackle my day now. Hopefully, as my decision bears fruit, the issue will be resolved and my life overall will be better for it. So, National Name Your Poison Day does serve a purpose beyond being one of those weird days you only hear about when a radio DJ mentions them.

So…what’s your poison?

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