Day Eight, Nano Friday Update 2


I don’t even want to talk about how far behind I am. Though, I kind of have to, since I run a blog and all. Lets just put it this way: at this rate, I’ll be finishing some time in January of next year.

It’s rather common, really. We start out really strong and sure, but once we get pass the first few scenes or chapters, which we have vividly drawn out in our minds, there’s stagnation. We trip over our own feet and sprawl face first into the asphalt halfway around the first bend.

There’s also life to deal with.  As I mentioned in my last blog post, sometimes we have issues simply trying to find the time.  For me, it’s further complicated by the fact that I’m trying to break into working from home while also maintaining a regular day job…while also trying to maintain a blog and promote a book.  No matter how much I accomplish on any given day, it never seems like enough.

So, what to do at the end of this first week of Nano?  I’ve listed below a few suggestions to get you up off the ground and running again.

      1. Read through  Yes, cliche’s are bad, but when you think about it, everything is really a cliche.  Half the fun is reinventing it.  At any rate, we’re just trying to get the words down.  In December or January, we can go back to edit out the crap and keep the gold.
      2. Meet up with a writing buddy.  This can be face to face or via an instant messenger service.  The point is to cheer each other on or lend a hand when the other gets stuck.
      3. Take a situation and turn it on its head.  Whatever your character is expecting or desires, do the exact opposite.  It may not work out very well but it’ll at least get you to writing.  Remember, you can always throw out later what you don’t like.
      4. Pick up a random magazine or book of photos.  Flip through it and stop at a page.  Whatever is depicted in that photo, put it into the scene or have your character confront it.
      5. Read.  Reading will help you not only see how others do it but it’ll get that creative part of your brain moving whether it wants to or not.
      6. Tell yourself that you can do it, even if it feels like you can’t.

Happy writing!

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