Star Wars, Mummies, and Zombies, Oh My!

I’m going to try something new! Every Friday, I’ll list some of my favorite links from the past week. If you come across something over this weekend or next week that you want to see listed here, send it over! (I do withhold the right not to publish it, just so you know.) SO–

lets get this party started


This Millennium Falcon is the drone you’ve been looking for.

It’s not just that this article writer say his chance for a reference and went for it, but it’s the Millennium Falcon. You can’t tell me this doesn’t send your geek senses a-tingling.

Mummified monk isn’t actually dead, says Buddhist expert.

Mummies in general fascinate me. I recently watched an episode of Bones where an un-embalmed girl in a coffin had mummified, which makes me wonder if the same would happen to me if I weren’t embalmed. Which would be pretty awesome because then my tattoos would be preserved. Anyway, what fascinates me about this article is the fact that this guy died while in lotus position and stayed there.

Second Harper Lee Novel Coming in July

Let’s just halfway pretend this is a serious blog post. I loved To Kill a Mockingbird when I was a kid and I’m excited to learn what Scout is like as an adult. Though, this writer puts in a word of caution before we all completely lose our minds.

Why Do We Love the Apocalypse?

Good question with some good answers. A must-read for anyone who loves apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic literature.

Tobias the Boxer Puppy Tries to Howl

This isn’t just cute. It’s mind-blowing cute. If you’re counting the seconds until you can finally leave the office for the weekend, just put this on repeat and those seconds will fly by.

Paris bans action movie filming under new post-terror rules

The ban is actually temporary but I’m getting the sinking feeling that we’ll see more stuff like this all over Europe.

8 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Strategies (for Zombies)

Let’s just face it: most of us are going to end up as the zombies because not everyone has a crossbow-wielding-redneck in their backyard.

Dixon being Dixon

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