Introducing The Bookwyrm Series

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Great news! I just got in the cover art for my new series of short stories: The Bookwyrm Series. Here is the description of the series, as it appears on Channillo:

Helen Delacroix came to the small city of Florence, SC to get away from her mother and start fresh with an inheritance from her grandmother. But, starting fresh isn’t as easy for Helen as changing addresses.

She can see auras and manipulate how people feel. Because of this, no matter where she goes, she is a part of a community of supernatural beings: wizards and witches; telepaths and telekinetics; were-creatures and beings that were never human to start with.

In Florence, SC, in her little bookstore called The Bookwyrm, it isn’t always book lovers who walk through the door. Sometimes, it’s people in desperate need of help. Sometimes, it’s people looking to use her for her abilities.

And, sometimes, it’s someone looking to harm…

The Bookwyrm Series
Doesn’t she look badass??

First story comes out on March 30th on Channillo. Sign up on their site and subscribe to my series!


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