Blog: I’m Quitting

I have had a love-hate relationship with my blog. Now, I’m quitting it.

I’m not quitting the website, of course. That would be professional suicide. But I have decided to stop regular blogging.

No Time

No time to blog

I will have more time after Clara’s Return comes out on May 13, but the question becomes, “What do I want to spend more time on?”

The answer to that question is two fold. One, I want to spend more time writing books. Two, I want to spend more time building relationships with readers, fellow writers, and other people in the self-publishing industry. Writing a blog hasn’t helped in the latter and takes away from the former.

No Ideas

No blog ideas

You can only write about depression, random childhood memories, how stories affect people, and random folklore before you start to run out of ideas. Also, though there’s plenty of folklore out there, finding the more obscure lore takes up time (see “No Time” reason) and it was starting to feel more like an unwelcome chore than sharing something I enjoy.

No Desire

I don't want to blog

Blogging is something many people do well and enjoy doing. When I used to blog about Catholic doctrine years ago, I loved it and had loads of traffic. But when I switched to more secular blogging tied to my author platform, I began to flail.

I read articles, tried different things, and so on. Nothing “clicked”, however. I haven’t enjoyed it and I haven’t created much of a following through it. So, it’s become difficult justifying the time spent.

What Come After the Blog

I’m going to use this blog space for sharing any news, upcoming events, and the like. It won’t be anything extremely regular and signing up for my newsletter will really be the best way to keep tabs on me outside of my social media accounts.

My deepest apologies to what few have enjoyed my blog posts. I’ll keep what I have blogged up as a sort of archive. I also encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I’ll be posting weekly there. Also, while you’re at it, read the latest chapters of Clara’s Return that I’ve posted.

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