If I Wrote Clara’s Journal


As I mentioned earlier in the week, I’m working on the sequel to my debut novel, Clara. In my first novel, Clara is a mute slave girl who can see the future and who gets embroiled in a civil war ripping her land apart. The sequel, tentatively titled Clara’s Return, follows her journey (and the journeys of her friends) in the aftermath of the civil war. This novel will deal with questions of Clara’s origins, as well as moral questions regarding right and wrong. And there’s some humor and cuteness thrown in for fun.

I will give a small tidbit away: Clara is traveling with Jarrett, the Captain of the Guard we met in the first novel. If you don’t know why she’s traveling with him, then get the book from Smashwords or Amazon!

Anyway, the thought occurred to me: what if Clara kept a journal of her journey? What would that read like?

Clara’s Journal

I surprised Jarrett this evening. As he prepared to boil yet more salted beef for our dinner, I walked into camp with a few squirrels. He was shocked to learn I could hunt but what mountain child can’t bring down a squirrel or two with a well-aimed rock? But it was nice to have something other than salted beef for dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, we will reach a small town where we can trade horses for mountain ponies. He still insists on keeping Heartsblood. The gelding is a fine animal, I suppose, but those spindly legs only fill me with concern. I keep imagining us having to navigate the bottom of a ravine and one of those hooves falling into a hole and that leg snapping. I am not a horsewoman by any stretch of the imagination, so perhaps I’m only being a worry wort. For my part, it will be nice to sit on an animal and not feel as if I’m floating a league above ground.

I dreamed of Emmerich again last night. I wish my heart would leave me alone.


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