Hurricane Florence and My Status

Source: NPR

As many of you may know, Hurricane Florence is bearing down on the southeastern coast of the US. All of the American models were saying the storm would hit Wilmington and then continue on a west-northwest track. However, the European and UK models predicted that the storm would stall off the coast or just inland before moving southward.

My local weather agencies were, of course, going with the American models, though they mentioned the Euro/UK one as a ‘worst case scenario’. Well, just last night, American weather models lined up with the Euro/UK. It looks like Hurricane Florence is going to come in some time Thursday night and stall on or near Wilmington, NC before going south and west.

I live approximately eighty miles from the coast if you follow the highway. It’s less “by the crow flies”. They’re predicting flash floods and tropical storm level winds where I am. The storm will be a category two or three when it makes landfall (the scale goes up to five).

The main concern is how long the storm will last. We’re going to be getting lots of wind and rain over a thirty-six hour period.

Things could still change. There could still be a last-minute shift north. However, that’s appearing unlikely at this point because of the placement of high-pressure systems.

Obviously, I’ve canceled my appearance at Hickory Con. My apologies to anyone who wanted to see me there.

I have a generator, food, and water. My first aid kit is the kind that’s so big, you’re not even sure what all is in there. I have enough pet food and treats to keep my furry darlings happy. My husband, sadly, is not home because his National Guard unit got called up to assist in the evacuation of the coastal counties. But, he may be home in time for the storm. We don’t know. That’s the thing about the Army. They don’t exactly keep you in the loop. You just hear rumors until someone gives you an order.

If you want to keep up with what’s happening with me, watch my Facebook page, Twitter, and/or Instagram.

If you live on the coast of South Carolina, for the love of all that is good and pure, GET OUT. The concern for those on the coast is the storm surge, which is supposed to be fairly catastrophic.

McMasters did a crap job explaining what ‘mandatory’ means. It means that if your house collapses on you and you call 911, no one is picking up the damn phone. Emergency services will not be available and the state is not responsible for what happens to you.

Even if it means just moving a few counties in, do it. Don’t be the proud Southerner who rode out Hugo and therefore can take on anything. Get. Out. Now.

For all of us who are in the affected areas, I hope we all stay safe and there are no fatalities or casualties. For everyone not in the affected areas, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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