Is This Thing On?

Oh, dear, here I go again with the whole blogging thing.  I’ve had multiple blogs in my time.  The only two I’ve ever had any real success with was Haunting the Sacristy and my blog on tumblr.  HtS is now collecting dust, and I may never go back to it.  My blog on tumblr is on hiatus.  So, what am I doing here, since it would appear I’ve stepped back from blogging?

I’m glad you asked.

I’m a writer.  But I would love to become a published author.  From what I have read and seen, blogging/tweeting/whatever is a part of an author’s success and agents like it when they see that someone has a blog. That said,  I thought about just sticking with my tumblr blog but realized an agent may not be impressed by the ravings of a fangirl.  Well, everyone’s a critic.

But please don’t think I’m here out of a mere sense of duty.  I love to write.  I really love to write opinion pieces, which is mostly what this is going to be made up with.  My observations, funny little detours into my life, how things are going with my novel: all of these things and more will end up here in my blog.

So, I hope you all enjoy the ride.  Please click on the email/subscribe/thingy/whatever and don’t forget to check me out on twitter.

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