Harrison Ford, Literary Sex Change, & More!

This week, I was so into finishing my novel that I didn’t pay a lot of attention to interesting news items. But that doesn’t mean I don’ t have interesting stuff to share!

Harrison Ford’s Plane Crash Reveals Unshakable Marriage

Harrison Ford’s plane crash March 5th prompted instant concern for the beloved actor. But once it was known he was going to make a full recovery, the Internet immediately began making memes like this one:

Harrison Ford plane crash meme

But what managed to catch my attention weren’t meme’s about Solo crashing the Millennium Falcon, but the above article on how the crisis revealed his strong marriage. Divorces and affairs are more the norm for Hollywood, so it’s great to see a couple who not only manage to stay together but who are there for each other in a crisis.

Best wishes for your recovery, Solo!

Literary Sex Change, Using a Male Pseudonym

Before publishing my first novel, Clara, I considered using a pseudonym but not for the reasons discussed in the above article. I’m a shy person by nature and I didn’t like the idea of receiving a lot of attention (still don’t, to be honest about it). But I didn’t think about choosing a different gender or messing with my initials in a way to make my gender ambiguous at first look. It was really interesting to read a first-hand account of someone who got their beginning using a male pseudonym.

Anderson Critiques Conan’s Fake CNN Report [Video]

Remember how I said I was nose deep into my novel and not paying much attention to news stories? Well, here’s an example of that. This happened last weekend or maybe even last week but I didn’t hear about it until a day or two ago. It’s really funny and certainly made for a nice break while writing the final scenes of Clara’s Return.


15 Things You Might Not Know About the Princess Bride

Being a huge fan, I did know most of those but #14 was a complete surprise. Inconceivable!

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