Got Tattoo?

A week from last Friday, I got my first tattoo.  (Yes, I’m saying “first” with the implication that I may get another.)

Getting a tattoo was not a decision lightly made.  Granted, there are new techniques that can remove a tattoo with little to no leftover scarring.  However, it seems silly to endure the pain and discomfort of both receiving a tattoo and properly healing it to then get rid of it seven or ten years down the line.  That’s a bunch of wasted money.  Therefore, I wanted to be completely sure about this decision.  Religion, personal taste, and my current job were all called into account before I finally decided that I really wanted one.

In the end, I realized I wanted one because it’s a way of expressing myself.  I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s a struggle to do that.  Yes, I express myself on this blog and through my writing, but that’s become a struggle for reasons I don’t want to get into.  In the rest of my life, I began to feel stifled, as if I’m liable to slapped down for anything I do, even if it’s a good thing.  Getting a tattoo is both a flash of rebellion and an expression that cannot be taken from me (short of a medical procedure).  Even when it’s covered by clothing, I know it’s still there and that’s enough for me.

There’s also the fact that I like to do things that throw people.  They think of me in one particular way and then I show a side of myself that shocks them.  There are a great many people who would never expect me to get a tattoo.

Trinity Knot


The above is my tattoo.  I chose the trinity knot (or, triquetra) because of it’s special meaning in Christianity.  I wanted it to look like corroded copper, to give it a sense of enduring through a lot of hardship.  I got it on my back so that it can be covered easily.

My in-laws don’t like it.  Just about all my friends love it.  Will I get another?  Maybe.  I have another design in mind that’s full of personal imagery.  People say doing something like this is desecrating the temple of the body.  Well, we put ornate stonework on churches.  Some of them have murals.  How is this any different?

That’s the biggest thing that’s happened since the last time I’ve been on here.  I’ve hit something of a slump and have been struggling through a variety of things in my life.  Hopefully, blogging will pick up and I’ll be able to get back to my usual schedule.


  1. SarahClare said:

    That tatt is totally boss!! The shading is gorgeous.

    I love body art. It allows you to wear and express a piece of your inner self on the outside 🙂

    Not sure when you got it but… Make sure you look after it! Ignore the itch! Heh heh.

    March 10, 2014
    • admin said:

      I’ve had it for little over a week now and the itch is finally starting to set in! I think it’s going to drive me nuts but, so far, I’m ignoring it pretty well. Thanks! XD

      March 11, 2014

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