Goin’ Campin’


Well, not really.  

NaNoWriMo has expanded its borders.  A few years ago, it began running a “camp” version.  When I did it two years ago, it was pretty much just like NaNo in November, except it was camp themed and took place in the summer.

This year, though, instead of having to reach the traditional 50,000 word goal, writers are free to set their own goals.  This makes Camp NaNoWriMo ideal for those who just want to complete a series of short stories or, like myself, who need that extra push toward completing the rough draft of a project.

I’ve already been assigned a ‘cabin’ with others.  I opted to let stay within my genre when it came to cabinmates, though you can opt out of that and let NaNo surprise you.  There’s a chat feature that allows me to talk to my cabinmates in real time.  So, if I need a little help or inspiration, instead of going through the trouble of making a forum thread, I can just post something to the chat window.  Though, there is still the general NaNo forum.  And as with all over NaNo events, there are all sorts of nifty badges for facebook, twitter, and the like.

(A word of warning, though.  Twitter does not like .png for the header image, and it’s really sensitive toward big files.  If you use the Twitter header image, bring the pixel resolution down to 1200 x 600 and save it as a .jpg.  If it still won’t work for you, try it in Firefox rather than Chrome.  It took me over a week to figure that out.  Well, I didn’t really figure it out.  I googled the error I kept getting.  Either way, it works. )

I’m very excited.  I’ve set my word goal for 23,000, which means I have to write at least 767 words a day.  If I do this, I’ll be able to meet my overall goal of 80,000.  That would be great, since I’m a couple of months past my original deadline for the rough draft.

(I’m really glad I don’t have an editor, or she’d be worried right about now.  Or, maybe I need an editor to call me and yell at me about deadlines, contracts, and her ulcer.  In college, I always did write best the night before a paper was due.  There was this one Shakespeare assignment I’m really proud of…but I digress.)

Camp NaNo starts tomorrow.  There’s still time to pull that project you couldn’t finish out of its drawer (or folder or whatever) and give it a good dust-off.  I love NaNo because of its wildness and the fact that I’m taking this insane journey with other like-minded folk.

Hope to see you at camp!

(P.S. — For my readers who read my last post, the dog bite is healing well and I haven’t started foaming at the mouth…yet.)

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