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Clara Suzanna J Linton


I’m super excited to present the physical edition of my debut novel, Clara! It is currently only available through Amazon. However, it will be available through other retailers soon.

If you haven’t read this book or taken a look at it, here’s an excerpt:

As Clara scrubbed roots at the sink a few candle marks later, she felt the ominous prickle ripple across her scalp. Terrified, she tried to push it back, but it exploded before her eyes: a man with hair black as midnight and eyes the color of bracken. He sat at a long table, talking to her master. The vision sharpened and focused on the dark-haired man’s hand, which reached into his heavily embroidered tunic as if to scratch at a pesky flea.

As he pulled his hand out, he flicked his fingers. Her master, so intent on his conversation, paid no attention, but Clara saw tiny specks of dust flying into his cup. The vision ended and the sink full of roots hazily came back into focus.

Clara leaned against the edge of the table, gasping and shivering.

“What is this?” asked a sharp, deep voice. A hand struck her in the back of her head. “Back to work!”

One of the new cooks scowled at her and she bent back to her scrubbing, trying to ignore the pain in her head.

The visitor is going to poison my master, she thought. But when? At this meal? Why should I care one way or another, though? He bought me like I was a bolt of cloth for his wife.

She imagined the ensuing chaos of the lord’s death and how she could make her escape.

To celebrate this novel coming to paperback, I’m having a giveaway! For the month of June, you can enter to win a free signed copy of my book. So, please fill out the entry box below. Good luck!

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