Folklore, Trivia, and Contests, Oh My!

Folklore, Trivia, Contests in October

I adore Halloween. I think because it is one of the few holidays that celebrates creativity and imagination. It allows you to run around and be someone you aren’t and no one will think you’re weird.

In fact, weirdness is encouraged.

Weirdness is celebrated.

So, for the month of October, I’m going to redecorate the blog and introduce some new things. One of them includes a contest!

Friday Folklore: Halloween Edition

Every Friday, I’m going to focus on some aspect of Halloween folklore. While I’m tempted to write long, multi-part essays on the origins and history of Halloween, I’m going to settle for discussing the lore and trappings that have developed around it over time.

Is there some bit of Halloween folklore you want me to discuss? Please comment below or go to the contact page to send me a note!

Word Wednesday

I love words. Every other day, I kick myself for not taking an etymology course in college.

Starting this week, I’m going to begin a new blog series called “Word Wednesday”, where I discuss the origins and development of a particular word.

(I promise it isn’t as boring as it sounds.)

For October, these will be words all related to Halloween!

Monday Stories and a Contest

Finally, on Mondays, I’ll be sharing spooky encounters of the ghostly or horror kind. They may be true. Or, they may not be. You’ll have to decide.

In the comment section, comment “True” or “False”. At the end of the month, I’ll take down the names of those who guessed right and from them, I’ll select a winner. The winner will receive all three parts of The Bookwyrm Series!

Come and Play, Dearies!

If you love Halloween, and all things spooky, then please keep a close eye on my blog this October! It’s going to be a frightful blast!

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