Fall Bliss: Why Autumn Brings Joy

It's fall. All the pumpkin!
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I look forward to fall every year. And not just because I’m finally able to walk outside without feeling like I’m on the surface of the sun while wearing a wet blanket. It’s everything that goes with fall: fairs, Halloween, brilliantly colored leaves, bright blue skies, crisp air, candy corn, and the pumpkin everything that comes out. It’s the only time of year when you can get anything from pumpkin lattes to pumpkin bagels.

(I keep meaning to buy cases of pumpkin flavored dry creamer but I never do.)

What is it about fall that evokes such bliss? Not everyone likes it, mind. I’m sure there are people who want to hit the rewind button and go back to July (these are strange people who need to move to the Philippines or Ecuador or something).

I think there are two reasons that go into why people love fall. By the time it rolls around, we’re all ready for a change. The novelty of the beach and hot weather has worn off for most. A desire for change is hardwired into us and we begin to get restless by the time Labor Day rolls around.

Secondly, fall is a time where a bit of youthful zest is injected into all of us. We remember Halloweens and fairs of our youth. Some of that old excitement returns. Like Christmas, the weeks of October allow us to be silly, have fun, and play tricks again. We are touched by the ghost of our childhoods and, hopefully, that isn’t an altogether bad thing.

So, bring on the pumpkin everything and the costumes and candy and crinkly leaves. Bring out the long-sleeved shirts and apple cider. Let the children run around in costume days or even a week or two before All Hallows. The seasons are turning and we are blessed to watch them turn. Let us celebrate fun as the day’s light wanes, before we’re plunged into the darker times of winter.

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