The Cycle of a Writer’s Life

Note: I found these gifs using Google and this tumblr blog.

The Idea


At this stage, the writer has the best idea ever and there is NO ONE who can tell her otherwise.

Writing, Stage 1


The writer is excited and full energy, completely oblivious to the horrors ahead.

Writing, Stage 2

No one is playing nice.

At this stage, the characters stop doing what the writer tells them to do.

Writing, Stage 3

And he falls down

Finished with writing the story, the writer briefly collapses.


It's a difficult process.

Now the writer must confront all the logic flaws and gaps in the narrative.


My baby is leaving!

Though publication is a joyous time, it’s always hard to say goodbye.



Alcohol can be a good friend

One of several coping mechanisms for the writer…

The Next Idea

Ideas refuse to wait.

And here we go again!

Granted, every writer’s experience is a little different, but for me the stages can be broken down in this way. And there are sub-stages, like when you hate your story so much, you want to set your computer on fire and run away to commune in the desert.

However, the rush of creation and the joy of it can’t be beat, so we gladly hop aboard the merry-go-round!

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