Calculated Magic is Out!

Why I am So Excited

All Authors are excited to get their work out. However, I’m especially excited about Calculated Magic for three reasons.

One, it’s the first novella I’ve written that I’ve been really proud about. If you’re familiar with my Goodreads page, you’ll notice a series called The Bookwyrm Series that you can no longer find. That’s because that series didn’t work out as well as I would have liked. I decided to shelve it until the day I decided to revamp and re-launch.

Secondly, this novella bridges Secret Burdens with Book #4 of Stories of Lorst. It gives you key information that will become important in the next book. I feel like this book does a lot of teasing and set up that my readers will enjoy.

Finally, I’m excited because this story contains a new character I think everyone will love. But in order to meet her, you’ll have to download Calculated Magic.

Get Your Copy Today While It’s Still Free!

Sometimes, a wizard has to calculate just the right amount of magic to prevent disaster.

Calculated Magic Cover

Bruin, exiled to Arvent, starts life over as a simple charm-seller. That is, until he learns of Emmerich’s plan to meet Precene in a historic summit of kings.

In this game of secrets and alliances, the one wildcard is Galeen. The small coastal kingdom is dying under the stranglehold of Tier. The actions of the Crown Prince Gentius could be the difference between peace and war. Bruin decides to go to Gentius and offer his services in the hope of preventing disaster. However, only smugglers can pass through Tier’s blockade. He buys passage on one such ship for himself and his newly acquired apprentice.

During the voyage, Bruin discovers the ship carries precious cargo stolen from Lorst. It’s destined for persons unknown—a person that might be Gentius. Caught out in the ocean with nowhere to go, Bruin must choose between what is convenient for his mission and what is right.

Note: As of September 1st, the novella is now on sale!

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