Calculated Magic; Book 3.5 of the Stories of Lorst

Calculated Magic CoverTitle: Calculated Magic; Book 3.5 of the Stories of Lorst
Series: Stories of Lorst #3.5
Release Date: August 1, 2019

Bruin, exiled to Arvent, starts life over as a simple charm-seller. That is, until he learns of Emmerich’s plan to meet Precene in a historic summit of kings.

In this game of secrets and alliances, the one wildcard is Galeen. The small coastal kingdom is dying under the stranglehold of Tier. The actions of the Crown Prince Gentius could be the difference between peace and war. Bruin decides to go to Gentius and offer his services in the hope of preventing disaster. However, only smugglers can pass through Tier’s blockade. He buys passage on one such ship for himself and his newly acquired apprentice.

During the voyage, Bruin discovers the ship carries precious cargo stolen from Lorst. It’s destined for persons unknown—a person that might be Gentius. Caught out in the ocean with nowhere to go, Bruin must choose between what is convenient for his mission and what is right.



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