It’s June and I’m four days into my two personal challenges: Camp NaNoWriMo and my summer reading list.  There was a slight speed bump in the form of a family crisis.  It was something I couldn’t help and I’m not about to lose sleep or self-esteem over it.

Despite the inevitability of life, I’m doing quite well in both areas.  Of course, it’s still early and I have plenty of time to ditch diligence in favor of sloth.

My novel is my first shot at Catholic urban fantasy.  All of my writing has a religious bent of one kind or another, but not overtly so.  However, after watching the television show Supernatural, I couldn’t help to ask the question, “What if someone wrote a version of this more in line with Catholicism?”  The novel is entitled THE GATES OF HELL.  I rather like the feel of it so far.

I am currently reading AMERICAN GODS by Neil Gaiman.  This one I cheated on a little as I actually started it a month ago but set aside for reasons I’m too ashamed to mention.  However, I was only a handful of chapters in when I set it aside.  Now, I’m almost halfway through.

One of the reasons why I started to read it was because it’s been hailed as a modern day classic.  I can see why.  The world that’s been built is quite unique.  The conflict is that Shadow, the protagonist, has been drawn into a conflict between the Old World gods brought over by various immigrants and traders and the gods being born in modern times.  But Shadow is having a hard time believing in what he’s seeing.  While his lack of belief is on the one hand frustrating, it’s also quite believable.  I’ve seen people go months not believing in something that is as plain as their face.

But there are moments when the frustration almost wins out and I’m tempted to throw the book out of the window.  And there are chapters where I don’t care who wins as long as we get to the bloody point.  Gaiman does not seem to be a man in a hurry when it comes to telling this story.  There are a few side stories about the Old World gods interacting with people and I can’t decide if Gaiman wrote these in to add depth to the story or if there was a word count he was shooting for.

However, despite what I feel, or how irritated I may get, I am determined to finish.  Especially since this book was a birthday present and I’d hate for my husband to have wasted his money.

So, there’s my status report on my “beginnings” for those who care.  If someone suddenly hears a scream of despair, that means I have writer’s block or AMERICAN GODS had a less than satisfactory ending.

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  1. Diane said:

    I like the sound of your new novel! It would be nice for someone to actually get it right, for once!

    June 4, 2012

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