You Sunk My Battleship!

Friday night, my husband and I went to watch the movie Battleship.  We were both expecting a rather cheesy movie about aliens and America who saves everybody (again).  We were quite surprised to find a movie that not only was funny at appropriate moments, but which also had a great deal of heart.

There were some parts that were rather cheesy and it did have its moments where it felt like a promo video for the Navy.  And some of the lines were just really very stilted.  However, I learned later that the reason why many of the lines were stilted was because they were delivered by people who weren’t actors, but were veterans of the armed services.  The movie was filled to the brim with current servicemen and women as well as vets.  That’s practically unheard of and gave the movie an unexpected layer.

I also enjoyed the humor in it.  A viral video came out a few years ago of a guy breaking into a gas station.  He stole some food or whatever and tried to leave the way he came in, through the ceiling.  He ended up falling down on top of a bunch of stuff.  Well, there’s a scene where that viral video is re-enacted completely!  It was absolutely hilarious and made the main character, Hooper, very sympathetic–because he did it for a girl.  What’s not to like about that?  There’s also some fun interacting between a few of the characters.  I’ve seen battle buddies (a soldier in training isn’t allowed to go anywhere alone and has to have someone with him, which is called a ‘battle buddy’) play around like what I saw in the movie and it made it seem more ‘real’.

The moment that stands out the most for me (and this is a spoiler, so you may want to stop reading at this point if you haven’t seen it yet) is that Hooper gives control of the ship to a Japanese sailor who knows a way of tracking the aliens.  This is the most humble thing I have ever seen done in a military movie.  At this point, the character takes a turn toward redemption (because he is something of a wayward jerk in the beginning), and it’s through a virtue not normally glorified in America: humility.  He’s letting someone potentially take the glory, and not just anyone, but someone who isn’t even American!

Those are the reasons why I really enjoyed the movie.  And some people have gotten on Rihanna for being in it.  To be honest, I forgot that she was Rihanna.  I thought of her as a supporting actress and that’s it, which is what she wanted, I’m sure.  I also believe that people were expecting the “best action movie ever”, which is absolute nonsense.  It’s based on a board game.  It would have been a miracle if it was the best action movie ever.  No, that honor this summer goes to The Avengers.  If you are thinking you’re about to see “the best action movie ever”, and are sitting down in the theatre that’s showing Battleship, then I think you’re lost, my friend.  But if you’re looking for a fun, funny, heartwarming (surprisingly) action movie, then go see Battleship.

Oh, and wait around for what comes after the credits.

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