A Letter to Myself: Celebrating Little Victories

Dear Suzanna,

Last week was kind of crappy, wasn’t it? You couldn’t get up early, barely did anything social media related, and it was a miracle when any writing at all was done. And your back pain flared up, which usually happens during times of stress. Oh! We also shouldn’t forget about the insomnia.

By Friday, you realized you were depressed for no reason at all. Quite baffling, in fact, since you remembered to take your medicine. You ate healthy meals and even took the dogs for a walk at one point. But it came anyway. The depression felt like a thousand bricks on your chest by Friday night and by Saturday night, you just wanted to stay in bed for the next week.

But you didn’t. You got up, went to church, and did your Sunday. It was a pretty nice Sunday, too.


Now it’s Monday. You set two alarms, one of them that strident alarm Aunt Pam gave you for Christmas when you were fourteen. Nothing can sleep through that alarm, not even the dead. Oh, sure, you can hit the snooze button once or twice but it’s at just the right level of ear-piercing to make any real sleep impossible. Aunt Pam died some years ago but she left a pretty good legacy. She helped you to get up early and say goodbye to Brad rather than mumble at him from under the covers.

Now it’s Monday. It’s almost 10:30 a.m. EST and you’ve already got some online stuff done. You remembered to drink a glass of water before reaching for coffee and to take your meds. You only got distracted by Facebook once and only for ten minutes (or less). This morning has been full of small victories.

It’s on these small victories that we build our days. Sometimes, there are huge victories. Earth shattering ones that make headline news. But, mostly, it’s small stuff. Little things that only matter to us, like drinking water first thing in the morning. Be a glutton for those little victories, Suzanna. Today has started off awesome, which means this week has started off awesome, and you can finish awesome, too.

Eat greedily those little victories and celebrate them by gaining more.


Your Inner Coach

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