Wherein I Take Another Stab at Poetry

I don’t write poetry as much as I once did, something I try to remedy once in a while (such as in my failed attempt at Poetry Writing Month back in…April?).  I started with poetry, which is part of why I still feel so deeply tied to it.  My heart does a little jump whenever I come across interesting forms or fun ways of doing poetry.  When I read about Jade’s final sentence poetry, I just had to give it a try.

The idea is to take the final sentence of each chapter, starting with the last and working backward, to the first chapter and make a poem out of it.  Here’s my try, using Koontz’s Odd Thomas.  Because Mr. Koontz likes doing such short chapters, I only did six of the last chapters.

Odd Thomas (by Dean Koontz)

I am at peace.
She looked over her shoulder,
and I reached out to her,
and she was gone.
These are her ashes.
the chief had not been spending
all his time recuperating.
Nothing else mattered.
I never heard the kitchen timer
click to zero.

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